1 IX 1773
10 VIII 2013


Johnson was given to a constant fear that he was nearing the end of his share of bread.

On the way to Glenelg, ascending Bealach Ratagain, he was almost thrown by his steed. The London mind fretted to be nearing the threshold to the Hebrides. “This was the only moment of my journey in which I thought myself endangered”. (It helped that later he slept below deck all through the storm that blew them to Coll.)

After the near-accident, Hay, one of their guides, endeavoured to soothe him with the distraction of a herd of wild goats. Boswell then angers him by attempting to ride ahead, and they have their worst falling-out of the tour which lasts till the following morning.

From the bealach we looked east, back over The Saddle and the glen of cones. There was no quarrel to be had.

everytime we come here
we say we’ll have a fight

everytime we come here
there’s nothing to fight about


Economou, George; ** [the bread quote is trad Greek, from this source]