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Earlier in the year, when Ken was about to visit Auchinleck, Alec had a quixotic duty to perform at Kinloch Lodge, delivering a book of old recipes gathered by Wilma Paterson to the high-class chef and hostess Claire Macdonald, who has run the Lodge hotel for 40 years.

Alec was impressed by her wally parrots. The staff were unimpressed by his muddy waterproofs.

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Here are two recipes from Wilma’s book using plants we have already mentioned, bog-myrtle and raspberry.

Raspberry-leaf Tea

This is a remedy for chills and influenza. Use 1 oz of dried leaves to 1 pint of water. Make it as you would China tea and take sweetened with honey.

Bog-myrtle Beer

10 oz malt extract
8 0z sugar
1 dessertspoon dried yeast
1 gal water
1 oz dried bog-myrtle (a little more if using it fresh)

Boil the bog-myrtle in the water for several minutes. Strain onto the malt and sugar in a stone jar. Stir well till dissolved and, when lukewarm, sprinkle on the yeast. Cover with a cloth and leave in a warm place to ferment for five or six days. Siphon the beer off the sediment and bottle in screw-top bottles, adding 1 teaspoon of sugar to each bottle. Leave for at least a week before drinking.


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